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    World Downloads

    Check out our example moon, “what if” earth and exoplanet worlds! Read about them here.

    WHIMC Plugins

    All of our plugins are open source and can be downloaded for free from and adapted to your own server. There are pre-compiled JARs or you can modify and compile your own version!

    WHIMC-ObservationDisplayer (source) – Show /observation signs on the map

    WHIMC-Portals (source) – Create portals out of “end portal” type blocks to allow players to teleport between worlds

    WHIMC-PositionTracker (source) – Internal plugin for saving player positions, uses MySQL database to store positions

    WHIMC-ScienceTools (source) – Creates values for oxygen, altitude, wind speed, etc.

    WHIMC-WorldChatPrefixer – For prefixing chat with a formatted world name (indicates where a player is presently)

    WHIMC Plugin Explanation Videos

    Tools For World Design

    There are lots of great 3rd-party free and open source tools we use to create the worlds and maps you can find on our server.

    Worldpainter – create entirely new alien worlds or import existing maps to modify them on a macro-scale!

    Amulet Editor – “meso-scale” editing to replace blocks, import existing schematics, etc…

    MCC Toolchest – a collection of tools to help fix maps or convert formats to one another in the different Minecraft ecosystems (Bedrock/phone and Java/computers)

    Binvox – a simple script that uses your GPU to convert a 3D file (like terrain) to voxels (a schematic) for import to create custom worlds

    Recommended Plugins and Resources

    Using Datapacks to create alien-looking worlds!
    Most of our plugins can be found on Spigot, as we use a PaperMC install.

    Citizens – Create and control interactive NPC’s

    CoreProtect – block change logging and roll-backs

    Dynmap – like Google maps but for your Minecraft server

    EssentialsX – Player-made homes, server warps and kits, player-to-player private messages, teleports and teleport requests, custom player nicknames, various moderation tools including kicks, temporary bans, mutes and jails

    FastAsyncWorldEdit – world manipulation plugin for painting blocks, editing regions, etc

    HolographicDisplays – API used for plugins like Observation Displayer – creates floating text labels that can be used to direct players or label areas

    ImageOnMap – Render images onto maps by embedding an external image URL into a custom and placing it on one or more item frames

    InfoHeads – Right-click player heads to execute commands (used to prompt science tool validation)

    LuckPerms – Permissions management – prevent players from running commands or affecting parts of the world you don’t want them to

    Multiverse-Core – Allows a single Minecraft server to host many worlds

    Plugman – Load, unload, reload plugins on demand without restarting server

    Quests – use with NPC’s (Citizens) to create and assign quests to players

    SignBoard – displays dense text information as an overlay in front of signs, NPC’s or on separate tablets (books)

    SurveyPlus – used for asking users questions while they play

    Vault – Permissions, chat, & economy API required for other plugins

    WorldEditSelectionVisualizer – Visualizes your WorldEdit selection with particles in game

    Worldguard-bukkit – Create regions in-game with special flags to manipulate gameplay behavior

    WorldGuardExtraFlags – Adds additional region flags to worldguard, used specifically for gravity simulation

    WorldResourcePacks – Apply a different resource pack for each separate world

    WHIMC Instructor Multi-MC Package

    Setup is super easy with our MultiMC. It includes several plugins, such as Voxelmap, Optifine, WorldEdit and ReplayMod. To begin, select your Operating System:

    OSX (mac)
    Windows (pc)

    Instructors who have Multi-MC already setup but want to install an instance for kid computers can use this one:

    Need help? Ask questions