Additional Education Resources

How to convert NASA’s 3D models of the Martian surface into a Minecraft world!
ICAN student learning prompts and configuration files
WHIMC Astronomy Learning Module
Shorter WHIMC Server Astronomy Learning Module
See the latest exoplanet discovery methods and traits!
Setting up a server, comparison of versions, etc…
Books on “What If” astronomy scenarios by Neil Comins
3D Printing and Collaborative Design Camp
Past Fab Lab 3D Printing and Collaborative Design Camp
Minecraft timeline animation
Datapacks are a great way to create “alien” looking worlds that use the built-in Minecraft generation engine!
The companion educator guide for the PBS Nova Exoplanets lab to help instructors create lesson plans and align to standards
Video on “What if the Moon Didn’t Exist” by Neil Comins
ComputerCraft Lua Coding Camp scenarios and lesson plans