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Hey! Thanks for coming to check out our project. We’re doing research on how Minecraft relates to kids’ interests in science and astronomy! Before we get you on the server, we have a few questions.
E.g. Starseeker2000

Don't have an account? Can't play at school? Need help getting started on Minecraft? We got you covered:
Selected Value: 3
1 = newbie - (just learning how to play and build)
3 = intermediate (beat the ender dragon, play on servers, can fly an elytra)
5 = expert (redstone, mods, slime automations, shaders, running a server)
Please select all that apply
Remember this server is part of a research project!

Before you get started playing please review the server use agreement and informed consent (opens in a new window).
You must be a US Resident to participate in this study.

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