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Hey! Thanks for coming to check out our project. We’re doing research on how Minecraft relates to kids’ interests in science and astronomy! Before we get you on the server, we have a few questions. Do you have…
Minecraft Java Edition is required to play on the WHIMC server. iPads, xBox and Chromebooks won’t work… yet.
See our getting started page for more help.

Don’t have Minecraft? Can’t play Java Edition?
The PBS Nova Exoplanet Lab runs on any web browser and is a great solo activity alternative to learn about space exploration. It features real live scientists and alien rescue! Alternatively you can explore the International Space Station subject kit with Minecraft Education Edition.

Otherwise you should be all set to join us at

Please note that by connecting to our server you (and/or your parent or guardian) are agreeing to the WHIMC Server Use and Consent Agreement.

Find out about us at the Fiske Planetarium Astronomy Day? Want to continue working on your mars base? You can get to it by following these instructions:

Not sure how to connect? See…