Attributions and References

Project WHIMC has drawn upon many free and open source resources from around the web. We’d like to thank all of the folks who’ve helped to contribute.

Science Consulting and Promotions

Theron CarmichaelAstronomer at the University of Edinburgh – but what would happen if we visited a brown dwarf?

Anjali TripathiAstrophysicist and Exoplanet Outreach Coordinator at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory – considerations for waste management and environmental impact throughout all dimensions of space exploration

Gina VaramoOutreach Manager at PBS – promotions and curriculum support

Clara Sousa-SilvaQuantum Astrochemist and Science Communicator – time traveling animal survival studies on earth tilted 90 degrees

Server Development

Diego García (Sr_Mustard) for the gracious contribution of several large-scale maps!

OldShoes and the creators of Broville – Golonka, DocTrev, Descole, Sburc, Metalus, and Ultra_Dank for the base of the Rocket Launch facility

PomChuBoi for the Space Shuttle lander model

Captain_JEK for the Moonbase construction robot

Numerous skin models from many creators found at NovaSkin and for hosting NPC skin processing

Moogietails on Fiverr for the custom PBS Nova Skins

Mihail Cebotari on Fiverr for help with the space station

mc_da for use of the original Many More Biomes datapack to generate alien worlds

ChrisDaCow for use of the Minecraft Universe

Kid beta testers Maya, Becket and James

Original CU Community Fab Lab Science Simulation in Minecraft campers