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Getting Started

New to Minecraft? Not sure what it is? Check out this tutorial

Curriculum and Lesson Plans

Want to assemble your own curriculum? Use a combination of the resources below!
Teacher guides for each world including learning opportunities
Lesson plans, slides, worksheets, evaluation methods
A narrated educator walk-through video of the server

Parents and participants without access to Minecraft Java Edition can learn about Exoplanets with this online interactive we built as part of the project!

An alien-rescue adventure where students explore methods of exoplanet discovery and analysis

Fiske Planetarium is excited to announce the world release of our FREE full-dome production WORLDS OF CURIOSITY! This 15-minute film dives into the questions of “What it would be like to live on an Earth with no Moon?” or “What if the Earth was tilted on its side (like Uranus)?”

Join Mateo and Dr. Alicia Woods as they explore how our lives would be different on these Earths, talk about other hypothetical planets that could exist, and marvel at the even stranger worlds that astronomers have discovered beyond our solar system.

The full-dome masters (1K, 2K, and 4K) or a 16:9 version, plus a promotional kit are available for FREE download.

Watch the trailer!