Exoplanet Competition Judge Form

The world’s ability to provoke wonder and awe, as well as inspire visitors to ask questions and explore. Clever and unexpected uses of blocks, terrain shaping or scenery props! This could include things like paying attention to other planets in the system, the presence of moons, ways of showing tidal or tectonic effects and so on.
Does their creation reflect what this world would (or could) really be like? Think in terms of scientific concepts like atmospheric and ground composition, geological formations, presence of life or habitats, nearby visible stellar or planetary bodies, gravity or visual effects, features of any explorer habitats and more. If they referenced an existing exoplanet you can obviously check them for accuracy based on what we know about it.
If you’re not sure about something Minecraft-related, the participant or the rules of the contest as they might apply to this entry, this is a good spot to ask it.
Participants were invited to tell us how long they’ve been playing Minecraft and what interests they have in science or astronomy. We will post feedback from any who choose to provide it on the submission page – let us know if you’d like us to identify you. Please be positive and encouraging!